Pony Up Marysville is
September 4, 2020
Pony Up Marysville
Pony Up Marysville is
September 4, 2020
Pony Up Marysville is
September 04, 2020

Blue River Rail Trail Fund

Specific Need

The board of directors of the Blue River Rail Trail would once again like to take this opportunity to update our trail supporters on our accomplishments of the past year as well as our plans and goals for 2019.

     Other than the routine maintenance and mowing required, our time and resources over the last year have been focused on completing the connection of our current south trailhead to the city limits. As most of you know, this includes the land we were able to purchase from the Union Pacific in 2017. This process has involved removing more trees and hauling many loads of dirt. The trail will connect to the city limits at the junction of Seventh and North streets. If you drive by there now, you can see the approach we have constructed. At the north end of the approach ramp you will see the concrete footings that have been poured for the steel bridge that will soon span the waterway here. This beautiful bridge is being constructed and donated by Landoll Corporation and is sure to be a highlight of the new trail segment. The new trail runs adjacent to the old railyards on a levee. In the past year we have completed the dirt work to repair and upgrade the levee. At the time of the letter, we have completed a 4 inch layer of base rock from a local quarry and are ready to apply the surface layer of crushed limestone.

     At the north end of the new section we are nearing completion of the construction of a wooden bridge and elevated boardwalk.

     Our biggest expenses for the final phase of the project are for the purchase and hauling of the base and surface rock, and for fencing. Our contract with the Union Pacific requires placement of a 6 foot chain link fence the entire length of the trail where it borders the railyard. This requires approximately 3,200 feet of fence. Our original estimate was that we could complete this project for approximately $50,000. This, or course, does not include the countless hours of volunteer labor, and donated materials  and equipment by generous members of our community. We raised approximately one half of this amount through Marysville Community Foundation Match Day last year, and other donations. Our fundraising goal for this year is $25,000. If successful, we plan on completing this project this year.

     As a trail supporter, you are well aware of the role that trails play in promoting a healthy lifestyle and the appreciation of the outdoors. This section of trail, featuring two new bridges, promises to be beautiful while greatly promoting ease of access to the rest of the trail. Your support of the tremendous community asset is greatly appreciated.








Come and enjoy a quiet run, a leisurely walk with a friend or family time as you ride down the trail on your bikes and search for wildlife in this natural playground. The crushed limestone on the trail provides a smooth surface for walking, jogging, biking and cross-country skiing. An abundance of wildlife, plant life, and bird species live along the trail promise to make your visit a truly memorable experience.


The Blue River Rail Trail stretches 11.5 miles from the northern edge of Marysville, Kansas to the Nebraska border. At the state line it connects to the Chief Standing Bear Trail and the extensive Great Plains Trails Network. 

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