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Pony Up Marysville
Raised for Local Nonprofits
980 gifts
Totaling $283,738.96
Raised for Local Nonprofits
980 gifts
Totaling $283,738.96

Koester House Museum & Gardens

Specific Need

Fundraising has begun for repair and restoration of the brick wall that surrounds the north and east sides of the Koester House Museum & Gardens.
The wall, built in 1882-83 to protect the property at 919 Broadway from floodwaters, remains today an iconic part of downtown Marysville. Flooding is no longer a threat, but increased heavy traffic on the adjacent highway plus crumbling mortar, vandalism and age are catching up with the 135-year-old structure. 
The community and friends far and wide have rallied to support the Koester House Museum Foundation efforts in recent years to preserve and maintain the museum and gardens. Much has been accomplished through a combination of charitable donations and fundraising events, a Kansas Heritage Trust Fund grant and the efforts of the City of Marysville, owner of the museum and the Historic Koester Block. 
"We are grateful for the fantastic support from the community, the Koester family and friends of the museum," said KHMF board president Pat Breeding. "Projects are ongoing, and we hope to begin work very soon on the brick wall. We've established a $20,000 fund for the wall with the Marysville Community Foundation, and we hope to add to that with the May 4 Pony Up Marysville Match Day."
In the 1800s, many structures in Marysville were constructed using brick and mortar made to last for well over a century — but not forever. It's time to ensure that the brick wall remains, in good condition, as a valuable asset to remind us of our past and to make us proud today and for generations to come.

With your help, we could secure up to $2,000 in matching funds on Pony Up Marysville Match Day May 4, 2018.
Charitable donations to the foundation on that day will be matched $.50 per $1.00 up to a total of $31,000. The match limit per fund is $2,000, but all donations that you designate for the Koester House Museum & Gardens will go to the KHMF to be used for restoration and preservation. Only donations made on May 4 will be eligible for the match.


The mission of the Koester House Museum Foundation is to assist in the preservation and maintenance of the Koester House Museum, 919 Broadway, Marysville, Kansas, and to support and assist in research and scholarship into the Koester house, the Koester family and the role they played in the development of the City of Marysville.


The Koester House Museum & Gardens at 919 Broadway, Marysville, Kan., is a 19th century home with original furnishings and decor. Together with the summer kitchen, ice house and gardens, the home helps tell the story of early-day Marysville. The gardens feature 12 white bronze statues, including a baby elephant modeled after an elephant born in 1882 in the Barnum & Bailey Circus winter headquarters in Bridgeport, Conn. Roman mythology figures Diana and Mercury are among the statues. Laura Ingalls Wilder commuted in her 1894 trail journals on the elegant house where cast-iron lions and dogs guard the gates.

The museum is open April through October, 10-4 Monday through Saturday and 1-4 Sunday. Admission is $4 for adults and $2 for children 12 and under. Tours and group visits can be booked year round by calling 785-562-2417 or 562-2981.


Contact info: 

Pat Breeding, 785-562-2981, pjbmel@gmail.com

Sharon Kessinger, 785-713-1047, hskessinger@bluevalley.net

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