Pony Up Marysville is
September 4, 2020
Pony Up Marysville
Pony Up Marysville is
September 4, 2020
Pony Up Marysville is
September 04, 2020

Marshall County Historical Society

Specific Need

Maintenance and upkeep on a 127 year old historic building can sometimes be rather overwhelming.  In 2017 we spent almost $60,000 to repair the chimney of the Historic Courthouse and $4,000 to repair some of the shingles. In 2018, after many rainstorms, we had to tuck-point the entire west side of the building to prevent leaking.  The cost for that was $ 94,432.  We now have the issues caused by the leaking to start to repair like painting of walls.

Also in 2018 we refinished the entryway to the building and installed energy efficient bulbs in light fixtures to help with electricity costs.


Our most important goal is to preserve this building and the history within for our children, grandchildren, great grandchildren and anyone with an interest in the history of Marshall County.




The purpose of the Historical Society is to collect, preserve and to display historical records and objects from Marshall County, to preserve the Historic Courthouse, to maintain and make available Marshall County genealogical records, and to encourage interest in local history. The Museum and the Historical Society are both located in the Historic Courthouse. The challenge of maintaining a building over 100 years old is ongoing.  Donations are gratefully accepted! 


1207 Broadway
Marysville KS 66508
Phone: (785) 562-5012

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